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Patient Access

Our patient access solutions increase upfront cash, reduce denials, alleviate patient paperwork, eliminate surprises, and improve provider and patient satisfaction.

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In Patient Notification

Notify payors within 24 hours of admission.


Confirm patient demographics >10 days prior to appointment.

Financial Clearance

Verify insurance eligibility and benefits coverage with 99% accuracy.


Reduce redundant processes and simplify management of new & existing patient appointments.


Obtain insurance referrals by appointment type (PT, Specialty...etc.).

Prior Authorizations

Achieve HFMA MAP standards by securing insurance authorizations >20 days prior to scheduled appointments.

RN Support

Provide clinical expertise on pre-determination assessments to maximize payor reimbursement (cash).

Early Patient Engagement

Aid in educating patients collecting more upfront co-pays/co-insurance through concierge-style relationships.

Modern Communication

Provide front-end and back-end billing continuity, email reminders, SMS text outreach campaigns, 24/7 live Customer Service availability supported by a suite of patient self-service tools.


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Scheduling error rate


notification to admitted payors

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