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Insurance Resolution

Our insurance resolution solutions identify all eligible payor sources, submit accurate claims, and pursue maximum reimbursement through scalable resources and technology.

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Verification of Coverage

Secure accurate information with automated eligibility verification tools and patient engagement services.

Conversion Systems

Manage AR winddowns and early-out outsource programs.


Qualify government, out-of-state Medicaid, COVID-related, commercial, DOFR program, workers' comp, third-party liability, and high-dollar balance accounts.

Billing & Re-billing

Improve accuracy and speed of electronic and manual claims with authorizations; Medi- Cal SARs/TARs, and any required medical records.

Digital Claim Follow-Up

Prevent claim stagnation, reduces hold time with payor by 80%, and boosts agent productivity by 60% through innovative technology.

Denials & Appeals

Track, manage and resolve clinical, technical, and payor denials.

Medical Coding

Complement billing with stand-alone medical coding services and in-tandem coding.

Quality Assurance

Evaluate claims for payment accuracy, contractual adjustments, co-pays, and deductibles.

Robust Reporting

Track claims, payor trends, root cause analysis, and resolution performance.

10 - %

new insurance eligibility discovered.


denials overturned


guaranteed coding accuracy

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