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GetixHealth Consulting Team

Coding Analysis and Auditing

GetixHealth routinely provides coding profile and data analysis for clients to initiate valuation of a practice and develop a meaningful audit sample that can offer trends, analysis, and a starting point for the coding audit. Using comparative data from Medicare along with review of individual physician data, the profile and analysis provides an opportunity for the practice to identify introspectively its practice patterns and risks within the practice. GetixHealth compiles information from the coding profile and data analysis to develop a meaningful audit selection that is addressing potential areas of risk for the practice.


GetixHealth also supports providers with the follow up audit to comply with compliance program requirements and ensure due diligence. Evaluation can include review of documentation integrity, procedure and diagnosis coding, and authorship. GetixHealth completes this review against industry guidelines to ensure practitioners are benchmarked and evaluated against standards used by Medicare and other payers. Individual and group education can round out communication of the audit results.

Compliance Plan

An effective Compliance Plan is essential for every practice to prevent and detect fraud and abuse, protect patient information and confidentiality, ensure financial and operation integrity, and create uniform internal controls. Additionally, the federal government has categorized billions of dollars of claims for services as inappropriate and possibly fraudulent. GetixHealth Consultants will work with you and your employees to identify the key areas of risk and to customize a Compliance Plan to your practice so that you can focus your time and energy on what you do best: caring for your patients.

Revenue Cycle Work Flow

Physician leadership and practice managers focus on macro-level business activities such as production, budgets, structure, and relationship building with other practices and hospitals. This oversight may make it difficult to conduct any detailed investigation of staff activities. Where other potential high-level employee delegates do not have the required knowledge to evaluate an office at this level, evaluation of the office work flow may be limited.


GetixHealth can supplement your practice by analyzing the work flow for claims processing and collection. Through this process GetixHealth provides clear examples, risk points, citations for regulatory areas, and highlights best practices that serve as a foundation for continued improvement.

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