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The GetixHealth Vision - GetixHealth
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The GetixHealth Vision

Quality Solutions for Healthcare Providers

GetixHealth’s current services and technologies have been developed over 20 years and now serve hundreds of clients across the United States.  As reimbursement changes, we believe that the RCM processes will become more complex, require the mixing of clinical and administrative data, and will have to be completed in less time and at lower costs.

The key focus areas of the GetixHealth Vision for next generation RCM include:

Implementing scientifically based measurable Best Practices

Limiting account resolution to No-Touch or One-Touch

Moving employees from general knowledge workers to RCM Engineers

Deploying Cloud Based technologies with integral reporting and business intelligence

Marketing our technology and best practices as a platform that clients can use themselves

Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management Solutions
Put our experience and expertise to work for you!

Best Practices & Technologies

GetixHealth uses cloud computing to share work, best practices, and technologies with our clients, ensuring that we get the right work to the right systems, people, or locations.  Our methods facilitate a positive patient experience, high yield, and improved process efficiency.


GetixHealth executive leaders are technologist, patient accounting and clinical system experts with proven abilities in building technology/service solutions and bringing them to market.


GetixHealth has realized the Vision of becoming a tier one vendor supporting healthcare provider organizations as they face the raising complexity of Revenue Cycle Management.


We have the knowledge, resources and technologies to realize the Vision we seek.

Tap into our powerful resources for Healthcare Providers

We provide Comprehensive EBO & BPO Solutions for Healthcare Providers