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Michelle Garrison - GetixHealth
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Michelle Garrison

Chief Financial Officer

Michelle Garrison is a financial professional with over 15 years of experience in her field. She began her career as an accounting professional in the electrical construction industry. She started as a project manager, then advanced to owning and operating an electrical construction firm of her own.  She earned her master’s in accounting and graduated in June 2012 with a Masters in Accounting and Financial Management. Her family then relocated to Houston, where she had a fresh slate to pursue a career in accounting and financial administration.


Michelle joined The Strategic CFO in October 2012 where she served as Senior Director. As an experienced financial professional, Michelle delivered The Strategic CFO’s mission of “developing financial leadership” by consulting with clients as needed to elevate the companies’ accounting and financial departments to success.


Michelle joined the GetixHealth team in 2015 and she currently serves as the Senior Controller. Her main role is to assist the CEO in setting strategic direction and managing all financial aspects of the company. 


We provide Comprehensive EBO & BPO Solutions for Healthcare Providers