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About GetixHealth - GetixHealth
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About GetixHealth

About GetixHealth

GetixHealth is a healthcare Extended Business Office (EBO) services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company serving the healthcare provider industry. We provide services and technologies to hospitals and physician groups. Specialty areas of expertise include Practice Management (PM), billing, collection of charges and support services which are part of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM).

Our Specialty

Our specialty is assisting complex healthcare providers with the management and collection of payments from patients and insurance companies by acting as a transparent extension of their business offices. Our clients include multi-facility health systems, urban hospitals, physician practices, health plans, surgery centers, lab, radiology and DME companies, and other RCM companies. These clients value our in-depth knowledge and abilities to provide high yield, reduced account aging, and exemplary customer service.

The Cornerstone of GetixHealth

The cornerstone of GetixHealth is technology that allows us to connect each of our service centers with clients and insurance companies. The technologies we use print millions of statements, collect payments online, automate inbound and outbound calls, move millions of transactions on an international network, and provide comprehensive information reporting to our clients.

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Our Qualifications to Provide Revenue Cycle Management Services

GetixHealth and our healthcare clients share a common interest: a compassionate, courteous and professional approach to patient needs.

Together, our goal is to effectively resolve patient accounts, while setting the standard of high-quality patient relations throughout the processing cycle.

The following attributes distinguish GetixHealth in the industry and illustrate how hospitals, physician clinics, and other healthcare organizations

can benefit from choosing GetixHealth as a strategic partner for their Revenue Cycle Management and Practice Management needs:


GetixHealth has been a successful provider of revenue cycle services for over 20 years, 100% dedicated to the healthcare receivables sector. We have managed, to client satisfaction, hundreds of projects for clients of every size, from stand-alone hospitals to complex academic healthcare centers, health systems and specialty physician groups including lab and radiology. Our success rate is the result of a dedicated commitment to improve client performance.

Our Technology

GetixHealth has created a software infrastructure to support and consolidate the collection activities by developing and investing in best practices software, systems and processes. We have extensive connectivity with all major hospital patient accounting systems, which allows GetixHealth to service accounts via our own specialized account follow-up system. We offer the latest solutions for our clients and are constantly improving our systems and software to include such offerings as online account services.

Our Staff and Management Resources

We have over 800 employees who are dedicated to providing healthcare revenue cycle management services. The staff members we hire to support our operations receive weeks of specialized training and are mentored into their roles by seasoned healthcare professionals with extensive business office experience. These associates are led by 40 Director-level personnel with over 400 combined years of A/R management experience.

Our Performance and Pricing

Our performance and pricing are guaranteed. GetixHealth has managed hundreds of RCM and PM projects, with a success rate that has exceeded our clients’ expectations. This satisfaction is due to an unfailing commitment to improving client performance.

Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management Solutions
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Our Team Of Experts

Have a look at our experienced healthcare professionals
Charles Bracken
Founder & CEO

In 2012, Charles founded GetixHealth by purchasing Patient Accounting Service Center, LLC from Xerox Corporation. Charles has 40 years of experience in the healthcare industry, with a focus on IT technology and service outsourcing. Charles earned his BS in Accounting and a MBA in Management from Wayne State University. In addition, he has completed post graduate work at Stanford University Graduate School of Business, served on the Healthcare Financial Management Association board of directors, is a current board member of Northern Caribbean University, and is an advisor to various entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Kevin M. Lonergan

Mr. Lonergan is President of GetixHealth and has over 19 years experience with Revenue Cycle Management in operations, sales and special projects. Kevin joined the GetixHealth executive leadership team in July 2015 and leads the management team. His commitment to quality services for patients, hospitals and the healthcare community has led him to participate as a key member of the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) and to have served as a featured guest speaker on topics such as Managed Care Underpayments, the Role of Agency Partners in Patient Satisfaction, Customer Service, and Maximizing Recovery through the revenue cycle.

Michelle Garrison

Michelle Garrison is a financial professional with over 15 years of experience in her field. Michelle joined the GetixHealth team in 2015 and currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer where her main role is to assist the CEO in managing all financial aspects of the company. Her team ensures that GetixHealth has the proper financial controls, reporting procedures, people and systems required for financial strength and operating efficiency. She earned a Masters in Accounting and Financial Management from Keller Graduate School of Management and holds a BS degree from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Why Choose GetixHealth for Revenue Cycle Management Services?

GetixHealth customizes our service solutions based on each organization’s needs. Services can be performed on-site at the facility or by performing the work transparently from GetixHealth RCM service centers. We work with each client to design an efficient process that reduces workload and guarantees excellent customer service.



GetixHealth uses cloud computing to share work, best practices, and technologies with our clients, ensuring that we get the right work to the right systems, people, or locations.  Our goal is to limit account resolution to No-Touch or One-Touch to realize higher yields and improved process efficiency.



GetixHealth has over 800 employees with service centers in Houston, Texas; Seattle, Washington; Madison, Wisconsin; Fremont, California; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Bangalore, India.  We serve over 400 clients across the United States and the Caribbean.

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